The shampoo robot 
automatic shampoo machine

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The hydraulic-type shampoo is comfortable and feels good.

The shampoo robot washes hair with pulses of warm pressurized water that cleanse the scalp hair completely without scratching or jogging the head.

Ten constantly moving nozzles of high-pressure warm water clean each and every hair right down to the root. Shampoo and conditioner are automatically applied evenly from the same nozzles and both the movement and timing are precisely controlled by computer.

Comparing the condition of the scalp with " The shampoo robot  " and " shampoo by hand ".
Before The shampoo robot  After shampoo by hand
There is a film of oil.
The hair hole is filled with nicotine.
It is possible to clean up very beautifully. There is a small scratch.
It isn't possible to clean up beautifully.
It compared the condition of the hair with " The shampoo robot  " and " shampoo by hand ".
Before The shampoo robot  After shampoo by hand
The condition of the cuticle
before the shampoo
The great! cuticle is as well-proportioned. Rubbing by the hair fellow and cuticle's having broken
The skin which is necessary in case of ordinary shampoo to rub a head skin with the hand comes off.
Then, it does small internal bleeding and then the fallen hair, too, increases.

In case of The shampoo robot , it becomes beautiful to the back in the hair hole to wash at the water pressure.
Besides, the head hair doesn't come off because it doesn't rub.
Then, with the hydraulic rubdown, the flow of the blood becomes good and the head becomes good for the feelings.

The hair which was made sticky in the evening, too, needs in Sarah Sarah hair in the daytime in 1 if being all automatic shampoo machines.

All the automatic shampoo machines can not pull out a head hair.
Moreover, it improves the hair of the head.